Lifting & Recovery

Clamshell Grab

  • Product Number: TBC
  • I-Tech 7 Clamshell Grab is a very versatile tool that can be used for various types of debris clearance and pipe recovery. The Clamshell Grab has interlocking fingers and can be fitted with inserts at either end to prevent debris from falling out of the unit in an uncontrolled manner. Examples of the types of materials that can be collected by the grab are Boulders, Pipelines, Umbilical's, Grout bags, Damaged Mattresses and general debris.

    • Can grip up to 1219mm (48") OD pipe
    • ROV and Topside hydraulic supply options
    • Bucket inserts available to prevent loose debris falling out of the ends
    • WLL up to 13500kg

    Capacity Full closure

     0-12" OD

    Capacity No closure

    24-48" OD


    2300mm x 1200mm x 2800mm



    Hydraulic Requirements

    40 l/min @ 320 bar